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Dear Dr. Ragukonis:
Thank you so very much for the fine care you and your staff have provided to me over the last several months. I do not know how I could have gotten along without you. I am so fortunate to have you as my doctor.
God Bless you and yours,
-Bob B.

I underwent an endoscopic discectomy at the Paramus Surgical Center, and I wanted to share with you my experience. Although the surgery was minimal in nature, I was quite nervous as I am only 27 and luckily have not experienced many medical procedures in my lifetime. I hope I don't have any more in my future; although should I, I certainly hope to receive the same care as I did from everyone at the Paramus Surgical Center.

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I was in severe pain due to a motor vehicle accident. Thanks to Dr. Ragukonis’ expertise in the field of pain management, he was able to identify the problem and arrange a plan of treatment that would eliminate the pain and let me resume my normal activities.

I underwent a series of three cervical epidural injections at Paramus Surgical Center. After the first injection, my range of motion was significantly improved, and the pain was significantly decreased. After the third injection, I was fully able to resume my normal activities and day-to-day living.

Thanks to Dr. Ragukonis and his highly-trained medical staff, my fears were minimized by their professionalism and caring attitude.

– Linda T.

I was in such terrible pain, I could not walk. The pain would wake me up during the night. I had to give up daily mass and food shopping.  I thought my life  as I knew it was  over. My daughter took me to Dr. Ragkuonis, he gave me two injections for the pain.  It took some time for the pain to be relieved, but it is now gone. I have returned to daily mass and my life as it was.

I found Dr. Ragkuonis to be a skillful professional and a compassionate human being.

- Nancy M.

I have had back pain for approximately 20 years. I also have had two back surgeries, which gave me some relief. About two years ago my back pain returned, so I decided to see Dr. Thomas Ragukonis at Bergen Pain Management®, where all of my questions and concerns were addressed pertaining to my plan of treatment.

I received a series of lumbar epidural injections. My procedure was performed at the Paramus Surgical Center in Paramus, New Jersey.

I did receive a great deal of relief after so many years of discomfort and pain. Dr. Thomas Ragukonis and his staff are always willing to help.

- Joseph B.

Dr. Ragukonis and Staff;

It is with a heartfelt thank you I write this letter.  Since 1996 I have suffered with awful back pain. It was so bad it couldn’t  be considered a” backache.  I endured eight surgeries, some lasting over eight hours, and I’ll never forget the feeling of waking up after surgery in so much pain I couldn’t move.”

The surgeries were only  half of the pain associated with my so called bad back.  I had, it seems like endless injections and tests, to try to get to the root of the problem.  These procedures weren’t very pleasant either. I met several doctors and their medical staff along with countless technicians in hospitals and surgery centers both in NJ and on the other side of the Hudson.

After my last Surgery in 2007 I decided  that was it for me. I thought, “I’ll just have to grit my teeth and endure the pain”.  Although I knew it would be very hard because the pain made everyday life a chore.  That pain was evident even in the expression on my face.  “Oh well, life must go on“ I decided.

This is were the story and my life began to improve.  I was told about Dr. Ragulonis and thought I have nothing to lose but a pain in the back. I’ll go and see him. That was the best thing I ever did.  Dr. Ragukonis tried an injection and unfortunately, that too did not work.  “Oh well” I thought again, I guess I’m condemned to a backache for life. Oh no, he suggested A spinal cord stimulator, I had no idea what that was. With the help of his staff, and the Boston Scientific Co. 
The device was explained and I was given a DVD to watch, very informative.

After much consideration I decided to have the trial stimulator implanted.  I went to Paramus Surgery Center and had a great experience. The staff was both kind and knowledgeable. Not to mention the facility was just about the nicest and cleanest I ever been in. Totally impressed. The stimulator was implanted with little to no pain.
It worked like a charm. I felt great (minus slight pain). After years of back pain I had forgotten how good I could feel without it.

The trial period went so well that Dr. Ragukonis thought I was a good candidate for a permanent one.  I had the permanent Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted in March of this year, 2008.  On the day of surgery I was nervous but anxious to be without pain again.  All went very well and now I can honestly say I have very little to no back pain.  I never thought this would happen. 

Thanks to Dr. Ragukonis, who is now my hero, and his wonderful staff, my attitude and outlook on life has changed.  Now I look forward to fun filled days, pain free, rather than worrying about how I would make it through another day.

My sincerest thanks to you, Dr. Ragukonis , and your wonderful staff.

Sincerely,  M.F.



2016 Top Pain Management Physician Award

Bergen Pain Management voted one of the best rehabilitation, medical care and pain management providers to New Jersey's legal community for 2016 by New Jersey Law Journal.

Member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, United Kingdom

St. Jude Medical Consultant

Participant of St. Jude Medical Neuromodulation Strategic Physicians Counsel: Elite group of 15 physicians in the country to discuss upcoming products, market trends, and personal Spinal Cord Stimulation experiences.

Dr. Ragukonis appointed Neuromodulation Consultant for Boston Scientific - Nov. 2009


2016 Top Pain Management Physician Award

The Leading Physicians of the World recognizes Thomas P. Ragukonis, MD as a Top Pain Management Physician in Paramus, New Jersey in 2016

Dr. Thomas P. Ragukonis is Recipient of Castle Connolly’s NJ and NY Metro Area TOP DOCTOR'S 2009-2015.

Thomas Ragukonis, MD is a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) in good standing who has been certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine (ABPM). Therefore, this physician may be properly designated as an ALGIATRIST™ Member of AAPM.